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Countdown to Foamie Frenzie 2024 Countdown to Foamie Frenzie 2024
JUNE 1ST 2024

Countdown to Foamie Frenzie 2024

Registration is closed! A soft top Surf Competition sponsored by Catch Surf. See you there!


Foamie Frenzie 2024

Foamie Frenzie 2024
Article from the 2023 Contest

The Foamie Frenzie Surf Contest


For the first time in more than a decade, Lincoln City will welcome an all ages surf competition hosted by the local ZuhG Life Surf Shop in collaboration with Catch Surf, a soft top surfboard company. The competition, known as the “Foamie Frenzie Surf Contest,” will take place on Saturday, June 10 at the beach access just west of the ZuhG Life Surf Shop on the Nelscott Strip.

“This is a soft top surf competition,” Bryan Nichols, owner of the ZuhG Life Surf Shop said. “Soft tops are generally boards that most beginners learn on or that you would use when you get rentals. Before the heats, contestants will have to spin a wheel to determine which type of Catch Surf soft top board they have to ride. This makes it more fun and less competitive, which is our goal.”

The event will welcome back live surf contests to the area. “There hasn’t been a surf contest in Lincoln City in several years so I’m excited to host this one for our community,” Nichols said. “All the contests in our neighboring cities are amazing yearly events that are perfectly run and have been an inspiration to me. I figured it was about time we gave it a try.”

These nearby surf competitions include: Newport’s Otter Rock-n-Roll Youth Surf Contest, taking place at the end of June and the Agate Beach Surf Classic in September. Pacific City will host its 23rd Annual Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic this September.

“The permitting process was pretty long but it was well worth the wait because now we’re throwing a fun surf contest right behind our surf shop,” Nichols said. “We hope to lay the groundwork in order to make this an annual event and then just keep building on it year after year.”

The competition will feature plenty of merchandise and “prize bags” for the 55 contestants thanks to various sponsors like Catch Surf, Pelican Brewing Company, Arbor Skateboards, Dakine, Long Lefts Clothing Co., Dragon Sunglasses and of course the ZuhG Life Surf Shop. The winners will receive customized trophies, surfboards from Catch Surf and one or more items from each sponsor.

In addition to several sponsors, Nichols worked closely with others to make the event possible, highlighting the invaluable community-mindedness that Lincoln City embodies. “I definitely did not organize this event alone. I had help from the community, members of the surf community and more,” Nichols said. “Jesse Ivers from Northwest Road Reps has been there every step of the way ironing out every detail with me since we first thought of the idea about a year ago.

As the surf shop and other collaborators met the demands of the community for a local surf competition, they also added a fun spin on the competitive nature of contests. Since the surf shop is hosting the contest with Catch Surf, Catch Surf will be supplying all of the surfboards for the event.

The heats will be running all day from 7:30 am to 4 pm for spectators and contestants’ viewing. Categories include: ages 12 and younger, 13 through 17 and 18 and older. Another interesting fact that sets this competition apart is that the women and men are not separated by category. “We will have announcers talking and entertaining the spectators throughout the live event,” Nichols said. “And the judges will be keeping track of the surfers performance throughout the day.”

Be sure not to miss this fun beach event for Lincoln City and make sure to bring your beach chairs, towels, sunscreen and friends and family. Pelican Brewing Company will have a tent at the event supplied with Sparkle Hops, Pelican’s newly released and refreshing non-alcoholic, hop-infused beverage. Grab some delicious food and drinks from neighboring businesses like La Roca, Nelscott Breakfast House, and Left Coast Libations–all on the Nelscott Strip in front of the surf competition. Spectators will be in for a fun day!

The Foamie Frenzie will take place Sat, June 10 from 7:30 am to 4pm at the beach access behind the ZuhG Life Surf Shop (3219 SE Hwy 101, Lincoln City). Try to carpool since parking will be limited. Visit for more details or call the surf shop at 541-418-2196.